Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wienerbrød - Danish Pastry


It is very important to eat as many Danish Pastries as possible when in Copenhagen – The Vegetarian had a record of five at breakfast alone. The Danish Pastry or Wienerbrød (Viennese Bread - named after the art of flaking the pastry, which was taught in Vienna) is light, flakey and crispy. The Vegetarian loved a cinnamon and chocolate Wiernerbrød but my favourite of the bunch was a flaky pastry with a gooey splodge of custard in the middle, named Bargerens Darlige Oje or ‘baker’s infected eye’!

Emmery’s Bakery - there are a few shops around the city - didn’t fail to deliver every time.

Another great spot for a relaxing and eating a sweet treat is The Living Room in the inner city, which also offers a selection of organic teas. The venue has sofas inspired by 60’s & 70’s Danish furniture and a laid back Moroccan style Tea Room to explore.

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