Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Keith Floyd's Zarzuela Fish Stew

Keith Floyd's Zarzuela Fish Stew
Zaruela Fish Stew

Kirsten and Ed Enjoying their Dinner

Fishy Bits

No Leftovers!
The Vegetarian was out for the evening and I had friends coming over so I knew I could create a fish or meat feast. The sun was shining and I was definitely in the mood for fish. But what to cook? I flicked from book to book until I stumbled across Floyd on Spain by Keith Floyd. It's all about the pleasures to be found in preparing and eating wonderful food; it's written as if you are on holiday together in Spain, and he is talking to you, pouring you a glass of wine and encouraging you to have fun. The book is full of Spainsh treats that urged my culinary  taste buds to travel across the 'sea' and speak in a foreign tongue. Highlights include lemon chicken with garlic, asparagus dishes, fried squid, paella, and the dish that stood out and later became my dinner - Zarzuela Fish Stew.
I quickly called up my fishmonger to reserve the mussels, squid, fish steaks and king prawns. Then I checked my cupboards and luckily had all the other ingredients. My friend Kirsten supplied a light salad, crusty bread and white wine. Ed brought along a naughty chocolate praline and caramel ice-cream for dessert and, of course, more wine.

Ed: Perfect summer dinner. High point was the chunks of fish. It doesn't need a salad, just fresh crusty bread.

Kirsten: I really liked the different textures of all the seafood... 

I won't share his recipe with you as I might get into trouble but I'll try and concoct my very own version soon. In the meantime, I suggest you buy the book and  make this dish because it really is delicious!

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