Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello Fresh - Food and Recipes Delivered to your Door

I love both cooking and food shopping but today I was introduced to Hello Fresh, a new way to combine both.  Intrigued by the idea of a simpler life, I was ready to give it a go.

Each week Hello Fresh can send you a box of recipes, together with all the ingredients you need to prepare them, straight to your door. They promise that each dish will take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

The concept is brilliant for anyone who usually buys ready meals but would like to cook, if only they had the time to shop and the necessary ingredients at home. Each recipe uses fresh produce from local suppliers and the recipe cards are simple to follow with pictures and instructions to help you along the way. 

Vegetarian Warning  
Currently, Hello Fresh says it offers a vegetarian option in the box but I didn’t receive one so the Vegetarian was unable to fully sample the recipe. He popped out for some quorn instead. I hope they  extend their vegetarian option soon or their healthy speedy recipes may not prove healthy for our relationship.

Baby Asparagus Salad

This evening I tried out the Baby Asparagus Salad with Chicken, Pea shoots and Smoked Paprika.
The balance of flavours was good: the refreshing Greek yoghurt dressing with a hint of parmesan and smoked paprika was exactly what I wanted, having eaten way too many bagels today!

Unfortunately I was let down by the tomatoes and asparagus – neither is in season and both lacked flavour. Having said that, the ingredients used are clearly much healthier than the average ready meal from the local supermarket. The box arrived just as I’d returned home after a busy day. It was like receiving a surprise birthday present – a box of beautifully presented goodies to play around with over the stove and enjoy with a glass of wine.

At £39 for three meals for two people it’s not a bad deal, especially on a busy working week when you just don’t have time to think about shopping and cooking.