Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Concepts!

Copenhagen has many new concepts about eating, including the very popular do-it-yourself approach.

Skildapadden Café and Sandwich Bar – Gråbrødretorv 9.

Skildapadden Café
I became over-excited when I stumbled across Skildapadden Café and Sandwich bar, where I got to create my own sandwich. I chose from several exciting types of bread, including a healthy coarse brown bread and a spinach Foccacia. I then selected a main filling from the counter, which had a variety of meats and cheeses, from Italian sausage and cooked Danish ham to Mozzarella and Gorgonzola. I then took my open sandwich to the salad bar and absolutely filled it to the top and let it overflow with crisp vegetables, homemade dressings and delicious toppings. If you like melted cheese and warm bread, you can warm your sandwich on the barbecue, too.

Lots of Salad and Dressing Options
More Dressing Options

The Vegetarian's Sandwich

Packed with Ingredients

My Over-flowing Sandwich

I was over-the-moon and decided this was the next best thing to bring to London, until I tried to describe the concept to a friend back home. Our conversation went along the lines of : “I’ve found an amazing new café you should go to . . . It’s brilliant! You go there and you… make your own sandwich.” It didn’t sound quite so impressive when I said it aloud.
So, what do you think? Should I leave Skildapadden as a fond memory or could this actually be the next best thing?

Bio Mio- Halmtorvet 19.

Bio Mio was another ‘new concept’ location with a similar ‘do-it-yourself’ approach. You receive a card on entry, which you then use to order food from the chef (who is already busy cooking) and you order your drink at the bar; you collect your food and drink when called, and pay as you exit. 

Bio-Mio is located in the meat-packing district in a converted Bosch Showroom. Apparently, it’s Denmark’s largest organic restaurant, full of local, climate-friendly ingredients.
The portions are pretty big, I ordered a mussel and prawn stew from the light options but it came in a large dish with a side of bread and an unrecognisable root vegetable garlic dip; it was very filling indeed. The Vegetarian had an interesting Indian risotto made with quinoa, and we needn’t have had, but we did, share a bowl of pickled roasted potatoes, which came with the strange garlic dip again. 

Indian Risotto
Pickled Potatoes with Garlic Dip

Mussel and Prawn Stew
After much deliberation we discovered that the dip was, in fact, garlic mashed potato so no wonder we were so full! We had been, consecutively, dipping bread and potato into mashed potato!

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