Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cofoco - Les Trois Cochons - Værnedamsvej 10

Cofoco - Les Trois Cochons
Les Trois Cochons is part of the popular Cofoco chain in Copenhagen. It’s a French-style brasserie with a Danish twist. The concept is one of fine but wallet-friendly gastronomy served up in pleasant relaxing surroundings. There is a choice of a 3 course or 6 course menu with starter-sized portions. We went for the 6 course menu as we like to try as many dishes as we can, whenever we can – we had done lots of cycling that day so we did deserve a big dinner too.

There were few options for a vegetarian but our waiter kindly checked with the chef before we decided upon our 6 course menu and the chef was happy to accommodate.  In hindsight my eyes were bigger than my belly and the 4 course meal would have been satisfying enough.

My favourite of the 6 courses was the cured salmon with a mix of cucumber and pickled cucumber balls and horseradish cream. The slow cooked beef with mustard and poached egg was delicious too. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tomato risotto with goats cheese, and the winner for the Vegetarian was the sweet tender beetroot with raspberry sauce, pickled onions and pistacios – flavours he would never consider combining, especially as he has always hated both beetroot and pickled onions.

Tomato Risotto with Goats Cheese

Beetroot with Raspberry Sauce

Beef with Mustard and Poached Egg
For dessert we had a refreshing raspberry sorbet with a licorice cube, sweet sugary square, pyramids of beetroot puree, torn raspberries and warm mini meringues. 
Refreshing Raspberry Dessert

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