Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sweet potato Falafel with couscous salad and tzatiki

Sweet potato falafel
This sweet potato falafel recipe is based on one from the Leon cookbook but I have speeded up the process by boiling the sweet potato instead of roasting it. The sweet potato falafel tastes great in a pitta with tzatziki and a couscous salad.


2tsp cumin
2tsp ground coriander
1tsp cayenne pepper
handful coriander, chopped
150g gram flour
3 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into chunks

Boil the sweet potatoes for 15 minutes or until soft. Drain, mash and leave to cool. Stir in the spices, fresh coriander and gram flour. Place covered in the fridge for 30minutes until mixture is easier more sticky than wet.
Heat the oven to 180C.
Roll mixture into balls and place on an oiled tray. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes.

Serve with wholemeal pitta pockets, couscous salad and tzatiki. 

Couscous with feta and walnuts
Serves: 4
The Ume plum seasoning used as a dressing adds a refreshing zesty flavour.

Handful walnuts
Handful coriander, chopped
Handful mint, chopped
Handful mung bean sprouts
Handful, feta, chopped
¼ zest of lemon
Olive oil
Sea salt and Black pepper
Pinch of saffron
200g Couscous
Ume plum seasoning

Put the couscous in a bowl and sprinkle over sea salt, black pepper, saffron, a glug of olive oil and just cover with boiling water. Stir once and cover with clingfilm for 10 minutes. Leave to cool.

Use a fork to fluff up the couscous and stir in the lemon zest, feta, mint, coriander, walnuts and mung beans. Dress with a glug of olive oil and a few dashes of ume plum seasoning.


Tub of greek yoghurt
Handful mint, chopped
¼ cucumber, finely chopped
Sea salt
1 garlic clove
Olive oil

Add a good glug of olive oil to a mixing bowl. Crush the garlic with a large pinch of sea salt and finely chop, keep crushing and chopping until you have a salty garlic paste. Add the garlic paste to the olive oil and stir in a little of the yoghurt at a time, making sure the garlic and olive oil are evening distributed.  Add the mint and cucumber, stir and season to taste.

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