Monday, 18 July 2011

A Week in Mallorca Without The Vegetarian

Campari Soda a la Playa
To begin my week without The Vegetarian in Deia, Mallorca I enjoyed a Campari Soda (which became my daily afternoon drink on the beach) and a shared plate of Mariscos a la Plancha - Grilled Seafood from the fish restaurant at la Cala, Deia. This was a great way to test what was on offer and to help towards any decision making needed later in the week!

Mariscos a la Plancha
Clockwise from top left;
Langoustine -  Lobster- sweet fishy aroma with real depth
Gambas - King prawn - the freshest and most delicious I have tasted
Denton- Red Porgy -  delicate and light
Calamares - Squid - fresh, light, chewy, grilled to perfection
Rape - Monkfish -  chewy, meaty, dry, flavoursome  like a lobster
Chunk of lemon - fresh from a tree and picked that morning
Espada - Swordfish - steak of fish, light but filling fish steak, slightly oily
Cap roig - Scorpion fish- ugly red face, delicate cheeks, chewy flesh

All the fish was fresh from the sea and cooked to perfection. Perhaps 4 people could have shared the platter but after our 2 hour walk across the mountains we happily devoured the lot between two.

Ensalada Mixta
We were sure we couldn't touch the salad but that disappeared too and was a light refreshing end to the meal. Luckily we had another walk up the mountains to make us feel fit and ready for supper!

Mallorcan Flores

Llewelyn Feeding The Donkeys
One day we got up extra early and walked accross the mountains from Deia to Soller. It would have taken 4 hours but we bumped into my friend Llewelyn half way. After a coffee at his casita, he insisted we collect some veg from his terrace and have a taste test with the local donkey and its foal! We discovered that they like carrots but don't like green beans.

Mallorcan Brick-work

My Favourite Mallorcan Flower

After hours and hours of walking in the sun, we were starving and ready for a much deserved Paella de Marisocs and glass of Cava at one of the oldest restaurants in Soller - Es Canys.

Paella de Mariscos
Paella de Mariscos
A trip to Mallorca wouldn't be the same without a jug of Sangria...

Sangria a la Playa
...and of course, more Calamares a la Plancha.

Calamares a la Plancha

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