Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mishkin's, Covent Garden

The menu I didn't get to sample
After calling and calling I didn't manage to book a table. I decided to take the risk and turn up. BIG mistake. It was a freezing cold Wednesday night and yet the queue went out the door of Mishkins in Covent garden. A minimum hour and a half wait! I was tempted but the snow flakes started to fall and my belly began to rumble. We opted for sagar - the vegetarian Indian next door. The theatre menu was very reasonable at just £5.99 for tali but actually it wasn't worth much more. The Dahl was watery, the cauliflower and potato curry was bland and the raita was a distant memory to what it once was. We regretfully also ordered starters that were dry and lacked flavour. Our wine choice was an extreme let down too. Sagar used to be good. What has happened?

Aware of the delicious food being eaten next door we ran into Mishkins before our long journey home to book a table for 2 weeks time. Unfortunately due to its popularity it only does bookings a week in advance. So.. Lessoned learned, and alarm set, I must get a table there soon. All this waiting is making me hungry (or is that the lack of food I ate at sagar?) and i now want to eat at Mishkins even more.

If you get there before I do, let me know how it is.

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