Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Day in the Kitchen of The Colonel Fawcett

Prepping For The Day Ahead
Sizzling Pork Burgers with Caramalized Apples

Crispy Beer Battered Pollock and Chips

The Orders Just Kept on Coming!

My Handy Work - Placing the Figs on the Fig Tart.

Ouch! I just cut my finger and a blister is forming on my other hand. I’ve been cutting onions, chopping herbs and scrubbing potatoes for hours. Is this what everyday in a professional kitchen is like? I’m breathing in the aroma of caramelized apples, sizzling pork and sage burgers, and roasting garlic…while the machine next to me vibrates as it mixes the next batch of Foccacia dough. Behind me someone hurries past, balancing plates of beer-battered Pollock with pea and mint puree and tartar sauce on one hand, and a steak and kidney pie with puff pastry, parsnip mash and kale on the other, together with a bowl of amazing chunky chips, coated with Malden sea salt and crispy rosemary. Chef Kirk shouts to Chef Davis that the next booking has just arrived – a table of 20 people!

It’s Friday lunchtime on a brilliant sunny Autumn day, and it feels like the whole of Camden is heading here – to the newly opened Colonel Fawcett gastro pub. And I’m in the kitchen having my very first experience of helping behind the scenes. It’s hard trying to keep pace with the experts.

The two chefs, Dorian Kirk and Rupert Davis, have been working together since they left Hereford Tech College eight years ago. Bill Granger’s Australian restaurant, Bill’s No.1, is on their CV and they have been credited with the recent success of London’s CafĂ© Below – (vegetarians look away now!) - they introduced a meat menu to the formally vegetarian establishment.

At the Colonel Fawcett, the menu changes daily, the produce is sourced impeccably and everything is made on the premises – bread, jam, chutney, ice-cream etc.

There is so much going on. It’s exhilarating and exhausting, and I can’t resist wanting to try every dish on the menu so far. A fantastic a la carte menu is coming soon. Could they be heading for a Michelin star?
If you want to get there first, hurry along now.

The Colonel Fawcett

1 Randolph Street, Camden, London, NW1 0SS.

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