Monday, 26 September 2011

Pub Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

The Duches of Cambridge (formally The Brook)

On Sunday I travelled across London for the soft launch of the new venue and menu of The Duchess of Cambridge in Stamford Brook.

The friendly yet nervous staff greeted us and handed over the menus. There was a fantastic wine list and an extensive selection of beer.

The Vegetarian (my brothers girlfriend) was pleased with her nut roast. It was good to see a meat free option, a vegetarian friend was at pub down the road from the Duchess of Cambridge the other day and was dismayed to discover that out of the 14 dishes, not one was vegetarian!

The starter we chose to share was dissappointingly bland; a puff pastry with four cherry tomatoes. The roast beef main meal would have benefited from less salt and more flavour. We later discovered the gravy was Bisto based which, was a huge disappointment too. This was a soft launch so hopefully the food will improve soon.

There is scope for the future and news of a new beer only bar, a cheese week which, launches the cheese board and a beer festival in the pipe line.
Fingers crossed everything pulls together - having grown up in the area, we are all keen to see this work.

Let me know if you have a different experience. There is a sandwich menu during the week, which I am yet to see or taste so perhaps this is where they will shine.

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